Use this MIDI played by Jazz Pianist @Rlouie to add some harmonic interest to your projects.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Apr 11 2018
  • Submission Date: Apr 26 2018
  • Winner Date: Apr 26 2018


SHOUTOUTS - There were so many amazing submissions this week we could barely finalize our winners because we all loved so many tracks. We want to give honorable mentions to @MattOsborne94, @dhad, @sitex, @Flckr_Music, and so many more for your amazing submissions. You all slayed this Firestarter.

OUR TOP TRACKS: - @jqzn took the floating 7th chords and turned them into a full band packed with tight grooves and incredible playing. It reminded us of Flying Lotus in the best kind of way. - We loved the punchy drums and rhythmic elements that @jimcrediblemusic brought to this entry! The spacey, soulful vibes are punctuated by thick bass line that grounds this groovy mix. - We loved @Arta's fidgety sound design, with playful synth leads floating over a skittering high percussion part. The arrangement manages to smash together five or six different distinct melodic motifs without sounding cluttered - no easy task. Well done!

Logic users can Splice the MIDI files here:

FL Studio users can Splice the MIDI files here:

If you do not use one of the provided DAW's message support and they will send you the MIDI files to use in your preferred DAW.

A touch of jazz can transform a project and take it to places never dreamed of before. The problem for many of us is that it's hard to bring in that jazz sound without a jazz background or access to the right players.

To help with this problem we asked Jazz Pianist @rlouie to lay down some classic jazz harmony on his MIDI keyboard for the Splice community to work with. Take any or all of the progressions he laid down and let your inspiration run wild, then come back and share your creation with the Splice community and let us know how you flipped these harmonies.

PRIZES: The top three submissions will get shoutouts on this page and in the Splice Newsletter.