Use the MIDI played by producer @soupandreas to experiment with a new and complex world of sound.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Jul 09 2018
  • Submission Date: Jul 26 2018
  • Winner Date: Jul 27 2018


Jazz influence is frequently found in the modern world of electronic music, and some producers have taken it to the next level. Artists like Anomalie, Haywyre, Tennyson, and Soupandreas have fully embraced the tonalities of modern jazz, infusing mind blowing harmonic changes and seriously virtuosic leads into their tunes.

There is no single approach to working in the style, but veteran producer @soupandreas has broken these complex changes down into several progressions and grooves to get anyone started making Future Jazz. Grab the MIDI in the project above or use the tips below to dive deeper into Future Jazz.

For those interested in going beyond the given MIDI and writing their own changes, here are a few things to think about when writing progressions in this style:

1) Take a relatively simple harmonic pattern and skip a few chords to make it seem more complex. In example 1, we take a string of classic ii-V-I progressions leading to F minor, but skip the final two chords in the cycle. In its full form it would be Amin7 -> D7 -> Gmin7 -> C7 then finally to Fmin7, but here we just focus on Amin7 to Dalt7 until the resolution at the end with the Galt7 to C7.

2) Move chords in whole steps, as seen in examples 2 & 4. Take the same type of chord and just move it around: Ab to Bb to Ab to Bb like example 2, or Gmin7/C up a whole step to Amin7/D and back down again like example 4.

3) Think about where the next chord is going, then add extensions (7s, 9s, 11s,) to the current chord that lead the ear into the next chord. When building a chord up, move some of that chord’s extensions up or down so that they are a half step away from a note in the next chord. This is called Chromatic Voice Leading, and adds a lot of jazzy tension, making the resolution much more satisfying.

Logic X users can Splice the session here:
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If you don't use Ableton, Logic, or FL Studio e-mail and we will share the MIDI files with you.
Once you enter the contest the stems are available in your Splice Studio here:
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Soupandreas Winners:
"@jazzer61's track repurposed my loop in a really tasteful and relaxed way, and the jazz guitar really showed a grasp of the harmonic style. Overall just a sweet jam."

"@urigk's track truly did its own thing and did it very successfully. Odd-time groove with hip-hop textures and jazz harmony really makes a unique tune."

Splice Shoutouts:
@egh210’s track took the harmonies and ran with it, crafting a bouncy jam that got us all bobbing along. The multi section structure kept it interesting and used the provided loops very well.

@tomas000's track is fun, simple, and massively groovy. It fits within the style well, showing a bit of whimsy with a lot of dynamic jazz keyboard runs and keeping the heads nodding.

@Faux36’s track adopts a sultry texture with a swinging bass line, some smooth sax, and a juxtaposed screamin lead. The blend of styles and change of pace gave us a surprise at every turn.