Turn your favorite material from the past three weeks of Firestarters into a finished song to win cash and find new collaborators.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Mar 14 2018
  • Submission Date: Mar 29 2018
  • Winner Date: Mar 29 2018



Congratulations to @Europa and @PiersM2003 - they are the winners of the first Firestarter collab challenge! Their track "Chrome" blew us away with their combination of a memorable hook and great use of builds throughout the track. The track begins with the promise of great things to come and then delivers 110% with an incredible drop and a breakdown that used chords to imply the melody without coming out and saying it again. Check out their winning collab here: https://splice.com/PiersM2003/chrome-a-europa-and-piers-mason-collaboration


These tracks were very close to claiming the grand prize:
@Nalestar & @Descendant's "Astra" - This track's energy and mastery of flow had us fully absorbed.
@Sonic9169 & @Piersmason2003 "Asteroids" - Uses the same melody as the winner but takes it in a different direction that implies the melody during the drops and brings it back in for builds.
@dmme & @Europa "Falling" - Progressing from dreamy piano to syncopated synths, this collab pulled us and never let go. Extra props for the great use of a vocal sample.
@masonmakinbeats & @Deftki "SWYW" - This collab took the most finished firestarter from the past three weeks and reworked it into a feel good track we can't help but love.

Here’s how it works:

1: Check out the contest entries from any of the past three Firestarters. https://splice.com/splice/firestarters-melody https://splice.com/splice/firestarter-build-the-build https://splice.com/splice/firestarters-rb-chords

2: Find one that inspires you and send a message to the creator. All they have to do is add you as a collaborator. If you don’t have the same plugins and you want their original sound, the person who created the project can add their stems to the project for you. Learn all about collaborating using Splice here: https://splice.com/blog/how-to-use-splice-studio/

3: Create a finished track out of the project and submit it with the name of your collaborator and tagged as #Firestarter #Collab. We’ll pick our favorites and the winning track will get a shoutout, $250 to the person who created the original Firestarter, and $250 to the person who finished it.

If you submitted a Firestarter and get a message, share your work! The more people who use it, the more likely you’ll win.

Only work with one track from the past three weeks. If you use material from more than one other Splice user in your track you will not be eligible to win.

ABOUT OWNERSHIP: When using material created by another person you share the rights to what you create together. For this contest the finished track will be owned 50/50 in both Master and Publishing between collaborators, unless you both agree otherwise. This means that you must both approve any use of the song such as posting on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, or other music platforms. Good communication is key to any collaboration, especially online where miscommunication happens easily and often. Get approval from anyone who’s material you want to work with to avoid hurt feelings and DMCA takedown notices.

At Splice, we believe in the power of collaboration. Expand your skills, stretch your sound, and find new collaborators to help you grow.

PRIZES: $500 split between collaborators.