Splice this beat and show us your melodic skill!

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Mar 07 2018
  • Submission Date: Mar 14 2018
  • Winner Date: Mar 15 2018


Thanks everyone for participating! We had the most entries yet for this one, and spend a lot of time listening, fist pumping, roof raising, and just feeling the wide range of melodic styles and production approaches everyone submitted.

We have three shoutouts this week. First one goes to fluxxxforce, who wrote a melody that swerved as it climbed and came to a rest long enough to create a sense of movement and pause, like a good vocal line. It started soft and nostalgic feeling with a soft attack and then went into full on celebration mode when the texture got buzzy and bright.

Next up shoutout goes to morgun89. We loved the use of vibrato and the octave jumping to keep things moving and exciting in the beginning. As the melody evolves, morgan89 introduces another melodic voice with a smoother, saxophone-like texture. Both play with a mix of fast notes leading to slower ones, and in the end interact with each other to make for balanced, fun listen.

Last but not least, we want to shoutout Deftki. We don’t expect people to submit full tracks for most of our Firestarters -- part of the fun is trying out an idea. But sometimes an idea leads to a full song, and Deftki’s track really grabbed us. The vocal line delivers with a minimal, haunting melody phrasing in the verses, and then jumps up in intensity with the addition of a octave doubling in the choruses. Deftki shows how much you can do with handful of notes -- the arrangement evoke a melancholy and sweetness, and changes just enough to keep us feeling it all the way through.

Congrats to fluxxforce, morgun89, and Defkti -- and a big thank you everyone who submitted! Want to keep the ball rolling? The next Firestarter is up and all about collaborations -- head over for the rules, and get a chance to win cash and find a new collaborator for your next track.

Melodies are how songs talk to us. Some scientists think that before people could speak, we could only talk in melodies -- it’s no wonder the right hook can make us dancer harder, feel our feelings more deeply, or sing us to sleep. We want to give you a chance to show off your melody writing skills, so we wrote a beat inspired by Daft Punk’s Around the World and a blog post to analyze how the hook works.

Using Logic? You can get splice a Logic project of this Firestarter here: https://splice.com/splice/firestarter-melody

The Splice Firestarter series is the place to ignite your creative process and practice your craft. Each week we will be releasing a project and want to hear what you do with it. No need to write a finished song -- just splice our project, practice your hook writing skills, and show off the results. Get inspired, get seen, and inspire the Splice community with what you create.

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