Splice these Samples and show us how you build

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Mar 01 2018
  • Submission Date: Mar 07 2018
  • Winner Date: Mar 08 2018


Submissions for this contest have closed, but a new Firestarter is ready to spark your creativity on the Splice Contest page! If you want to practice your builds you can still splice this project, and checkout our blog post with some tips on how to make a great build here https://splice.com/blog/firestarters-vol-2-build-the-build/

If you missed the deadline you can still share your project, just make it public and be sure to tag it #firestarter #build

Shoutouts for Firestarter week 2: Builds!
Every week we are blown away by the quality and creative of the submissions we get, and we love listening to every single one. Here’s are the projects from the Build challenge that creatd the most tension and excitement in our hearts.

First shoutout goes to PiersM2003! We really enjoyed the rhythmic interplay between the clap and snare during this buildup. Peppering in the siren helps to build the titular “tension” as it melts into the risers and pounding bass drum. The culmination of this tension is the twisting and grinding snare which wrings out the tension and brings a nice transitional quality to this build!

Second shoutout goes to EUROPA! The palette of sounds on this build is really inviting. We love the repeated vocal sample as a pure melodic element which helps build tension. Europa created a wonderful atmosphere between the arpeggiated strings and smattering of percussion echoing throughout the build. When the drums enter, this build really feels like it’s going somewhere!

Final shoutout this week goes to ranekmusic. We loved the precise percussion work interlaced with rising sirens that build tension quickly. When the drums suddenly hasten, the build reaches it peak with a brilliant filter sweep which cuts out quickly to reveal a subtle reversed piano sample. The drum fill and vocal sample which caps the the build may be our favorite element, and certainly leaves us wanting more!

That’s it for this week’s Firestarter! Thanks again to everyone who put in their time to share their work. There are so many shoutouts we’d like to give, so keep submitting, keep listening to each other’s sounds, and keep giving comments. Come back for the next Firestarter — we can’t wait to listen.

The Splice Firestarter series is the place to ignite your creative process and practice your craft. Each week we will be releasing a project and want to hear what you do with it. No need to write a finished song -- just splice our project, add any other sounds you want, and get us hyped with your best build. You can also get these samples and more direct from JayKode’s Sounds Pack here: https://splice.com/sounds/splice/jaykode-classical-bass-sample-pack

Get inspired, get seen, and inspire the Splice community with what you create.

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