Splice Firestarters: R&B Chords

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Feb 21 2018
  • Submission Date: Mar 01 2018
  • Winner Date: Mar 01 2018


Grab these midi chords inspired by SZA and make your hottest beat with the first of our Firestarter series.

We were inspired by the moody, expressive electric piano chords in the intro to "The Weekend" by SZA. So we've transcribed them, analyzed them (https://splice.com/blog/firestarters-vol-1-r-and-b-chords), and formatted them into a project file for you. Now it's your turn - create the hottest beat you can make using these midi chords and tag it #firestarter when you submit your track. We’ll pick our favorites to shout out in our newsletter and to highlight on our blog!

The Splice Firestarter series is the place to ignite your creative process and practice your craft. Each week we will be releasing a project and want to hear what you do with it. Splice the project and use the chords to make a beat, then upload it.

Get inspired, get seen, and inspire the Splice community with what you create.

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Check out all the shoutouts with full comments on the Splice blog - https://splice.com/blog/firestarters-vol-1-r-and-b-chords/

Nalestar’s Firestarter is a short but sweet tour through lush chords, a beat that morphs through styles, and an overall vibe that we would not mind chilling inside of for a long time. Nalestar even included a video in the Firestarter description that walks you through every step of the creation process!

Risatmusic is new to the Splice community but wasted no time cooking up a Firestarter that just gets more and more joyful as it goes along. Built around a rhythmic use of the chords we provided, Risatmusic’s Firestarter brings in new elements that never step on each other’s toes, and instead keep the track evolving new kinds of good feelings for our ears and brains:

RubenGalvan took the chords and after a chill intro, made them swinging with thoughtful production and a little drop of water sound that feels exactly right. The feel is playful and RubenGalvan’s unique take on the chords’ rhythms got our heads moving. Check it out:

Firestarter week 2 is live now! Show off your skills and get inspired with Firestarter Week 2: Build the Buid