Soil In My Mouth Official Remix Competition

  • Hosted by: metapop
  • Starting Date: Sep 09 2018
  • Submission Date: Oct 08 2018
  • Key: C Minor
  • Bpm: 120pbm
  • Genre: Electronic


Sorrow Stories is looking for remixes for her song 'Soil In My Mouth' to be featured on her upcoming remix album.
In the upcoming months, there will be several chances to mix different songs from the album in competitions.
Sorrow Stories will be choosing her favourite submissions from each remix competition to:
Be featured on Sorrow Stories upcoming remix album.
Appear alongside other artists, including Electronic artist, 'Assemblage 23'. 
The album will be part of the British Library Sound Archives (Digital & Physical) where all of Sorrow Stories music is being archived.
Get free promotion, including on social media, music sites & videos on Youtube.
All winners will also receive a copy of the remix album and a copy of my limited edition 15trk & 4 bonus trk CD 'This Time Has Already Passed' w/booklet+lyrics and a signed Sorrow Stories card.
All CD prizes will be sent out after all of the competitions towards the album have finished (1 remix cd & 1 album per person)
Winners will be contacted for delivery details (these will be kept confidential)
Most of the downloads of these remixes outside of this site will be shared for free. However, in the event that a remix takes off, a further credit will be considered for the artist(s) involved.
By taking part in the competition, you are committing to Sorrow Stories to use your remix for all future releases and for sharing on social media.
As well as on Metapop, Sorrow Stories will be uploading all mixes to Bandcamp (shared to her facebook page) as each competition takes place, for others to hear and comment on. Please note, others feedback will not affect the decisions of the chosen mixes.
As well as uploading to Metapop, please also send me a copy of your remix either to or you can share it to my facebook via Dropbox (or other): or to my Soundcloud:
All winners will be announced on my facebook shortly after the deadline. 
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you to everyone for taking part :)