Show us how you use VocalSynth 2 and win a prize package from iZotope.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Jul 25 2018
  • Submission Date: Aug 09 2018
  • Winner Date: Aug 15 2018


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VocalSynth 2 provides the most advanced vocal processing possible, unlocking a world of sounds. Its 5 different vocal modules can be used individually or in concert, going from vintage vibes to a futuristic feel fast. And it’s not just good on vocals. Feed VocalSynth any sound source to explore new worlds of sonic possibility.

VocalSynth 2 is now on Splice and ready for you to make great music together. Warp your own vocals or some of the thousands of vocals available on Splice Sounds to get started then share what you’ve created with the Splice Community. Tell us how you used VocalSynth 2 and what you like about it for a chance to win a prize package from iZotope. The track chosen as "Best Mix" will also receive iZotope's Ozone 8 + Neutron 2 mix-mastering bundle.

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Need some help getting started with VocalSynth 2? Check out our tutorials on how to create the most famous vocoder sounds:


Grand Prize Winner: @JosephMcCann21
@JosephMcCann21's sound design and creative use of space had us nodding our heads as the track continuously took us to new and unexpected places.

Runner Up Winner: @nicluther
@nicluther's track starts out sounding like it's going to be a jam a la Bon Iver, then pulls a switch up that we love. The transition is great and the track sounds like it's on its way to becoming a chart topper.

Best Mix Winner: @chugo
@chugo's put together a catchy track that's mix is so clean it shines. This track is ready to be blasted from your car or at the festival.

Shoutouts to @AlanValdez for the most creatively unexpected use of VocalSynth 2, @LaPerlaPirlo for the funkiest track (ghostwriter for Daft Punk perhaps?), and @pgm401 for a fun track that would fit right in on any Gorillaz album. Well done!