Show us how you use MOVEMENT on your track and win a prize suite from Output.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: May 09 2018
  • Submission Date: May 24 2018
  • Winner Date: May 24 2018


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Undulating echoes, dynamic distortion, revolving reverb, and depth of control beyond compare, MOVEMENT is the FX plugin that other FX plugins want to be when they grow up. Widely revered by producers for it’s musicality and flexibility, MOVEMENT is now ready for you to make incredible things together. Add subtle variations to your guitar track or warp a keyboard beyond recognition, show the Splice community how you use MOVEMENT and tell us what you did in your track description.

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Need some help getting started with MOVEMENT? Check out our blog posts about how to use it to add life to your tracks.


The amount of creative juice @Vwlpe squeezed from the motif in the demo track is truly impressive and used MOVEMENT to create an amazing space for the track to live.

RUNNER UP: @Rizzay
@Rizzay’s unique afrobeats track got our hips swaying and created some incredible ambiance and FX using MOVEMENT on their pads and percussion.

The epic nature of @cesaruribe’s track blew us away and perfectly showcases how MOVEMENT can be used for more powerful FX.