Remix Terra Naomi’s latest single to win an official royalty shared release and a microphone from Lewitt Audio.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Apr 06 2018
  • Submission Date: May 05 2018
  • Winner Date: Jun 01 2018


After bursting onto the scene winning the inaugural Youtube award for Best Music Video and performing at Live Earth alongside Madonna, Foo Fighters, The Black Eyed Peas, and John Legend, Terra Naomi has returned with a powerful new album recorded at Wilco's studio in Chicago, with producer Tom Schick and multi-instrumentalist Joe Adamik. 

“This song is a moody reflection on regret and acceptance.  It's basically saying 'However we thought this was supposed to go, well, it didn't, and that's not the way I wanted it, but it's the way it is, and I choose to accept it.'  So while it is a song about a failed relationship, it's not a passive failure but a powerful statement of accepting reality and being ok with it. “ - Terra Naomi.

The winning tracks will be chosen by Terra Naomi and guest judges John King (producer for Beck & the Beastie Boys), Jon Sandler (Great Good Fine OK), & DJ Sasha Grey.

The song is in the key of D and the tempo varies between 134 and 136.


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Terra loved the remixes so much that she has decided to add an extra runner up winner.

A note from Terra Naomi

"This was such a hard decision!! I didn't anticipate loving so many of the remixes that came in, and I went back and forth on my initial shortlist several times. My friends Jon and Sasha had an equally tough time with their choices. We didn't all agree on everything, but the winning remixes were chosen by the majority, and I can't wait to release these songs!

I fell in love with Nalestar's remix in the first few seconds, and found myself listening to it on repeat. It brings a certain levity and fun to this rather dark song, which is about making peace with past choices. I love how this track removes some of the emotional heaviness and allows me to feel the song in a different way.

I wish we could have two grand prize winners, because I loved creativeblue's majestic and cinematic arrangement so much!! The production is stellar. I especially love the strings throughout the song, and the way they build at the end. I love the additional melodies and parts. I feel so fortunate to be able to hear my song in this way, and share it when I release the EP! I think people will love it.

risatmusic's remix blew my mind, too. I love everything about it. The tempo change really works, and the vocal harmonies are great. The DnB production feels dark and foreboding to me, with really cool melodic lines over the top, and it really draws me in.

One of my favorite moments in this whole contest was when I first heard that melodic section in martinsyes' remix, after the chorus. It's amazing!!!

I want to mention a few other tracks that caught the attention of multiple judges:

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I truly wish I could release a full album of remixes, because the decision is almost too difficult to make!