Remix Nucleya and win an opening spot on a tour date and a premiere on his radio show.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: May 16 2018
  • Submission Date: Jun 14 2018
  • Winner Date: Jul 11 2018


Nucleya has been a leader in Indian electronic music since he started producing remixes of popular film music in 2008 and defined the sound that would become Desi Bass. Since then he has made his mark as Indian dance music producer, creating anthems that are the soundtrack of a new Indian generation - frenetic, loud, and unabashedly India.

Now the leader of the Desi Bass scene want to hear what you can do with his biggest hit “Laung Gawacha”. Take these stems and show Nucleya what you can do for the chance to win an opening spot at an upcoming Nucleya gig, a premiere on the Nucleya Family Show on the BBC Asian Network, a spot on Nucleya’s social media, $200, and Nucleya merchandise.

“Laung Gawacha” is 92 BPM and in the key of C Minor.
Once you enter the contest the stems are available in your Splice Studio here:


Grand Prize:

Community Pick: @kshitijrevoic

A Note From Nucleya:

"Massive thanks to everyone that participated in this competition, it was pretty incredible to see the number of entries and the overall quality of the submissions. I think this was an incredible format for a lot of young Indian (and around the world) producers to show us what they got. Now all these young producers need to connect with each other and we got the future of desibass sorted out.



It has been brought to our attention by numerous people that the winner we chose for the "Laung Gawacha" remix contest has not submitted a legitimate remix.

The remix submitted by Sukh Dhami Music is not a remix but rather a mashup of an existing track and the "Laung Gawacha" stems we made available online via Splice. Further, the track he copied from is itself made from a sample pack which is available on Splice. While the use of sample packs is allowed, it is not fair to other contestants to copy entire songs including their arrangement. As such we have chosen to disqualify Sukh Dhami as the winner of this contest and instead have chosen an alternate winner.

We would like to congratulate Karttikeya on winning this contest. My management will be in touch with you to arrange for the prizes as mentioned on the original contest.

Special mention goes to these remixes below, which I also really enjoyed.

My apologies for the delay in addressing this publicly, I wanted to go through all the remixes again and pick out the ones I enjoyed and the new winner. It took me a couple of days, but I think this issue required my proper attention and I wanted to address this correctly.

Thank you all for participating in this contest and I really appreciate your continued love and support.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the shows this season.

- Udyan"