Remix MDK for the chance to win a huge producer’s prize package and chance to talk production with MDK.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Aug 27 2018
  • Submission Date: Sep 25 2018
  • Winner Date: Oct 22 2018


Morgan David King, or MDK as he’s more commonly known, is a 26-year-old music producer from the chilly wastelands of Canada. His unique blend of bass music & retro chiptune sounds, combined with his obsession for stacking countless melodies on top of each other, has created his signature style of music referred to by MDK fans as “wubstep”. To date, MDK has released three full-length albums, a large collection of singles, and 2 preset packs—both of which can be found here on Splice.

Now, in celebration of "Press Start"’s third anniversary, MDK wants to hear what you can do with his most iconic track. Share your most creative remix to impress MDK and win merch & a video call to talk production with MDK, as well as a huge prize package including prizes from Black Octopus Sound, Imageline, Fabfilter, Impact Soundworks, and Xfer Records.

Want some extra sound design for your track? Check out MDK’s Serum preset packs on Splice Sounds: &

“Press Start” is 123 bpm and in the key of F minor.
If you post your track on Soundcloud or Youtube make sure to tag it with #MDK #remix & #Splice.
Once you enter the contest the stems are available in your Splice Studio here: