Remix AWOLNATION’s hit “Passion” to win a Soundcloud release, $500, AWOLNATION merch & a case of Redbull.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Aug 15 2018
  • Submission Date: Sep 13 2018
  • Winner Date: Oct 10 2018


“When all else is taken away, as long as your passion remains, anything is still possible,” says singer, songwriter and producer Aaron Bruno. “‘Passion’ is about finding the balance that can lift both you and those around you to make the world a more positive place. It doesn’t matter what names or labels people throw at you.”

Bruno spent 2016 crafting ‘Here Come the Runts’, AWOLNATION’s third album and follow up to the platinum-certified debut album Megalithic Symphony, in his home studio nestled in the coastal mountain range separating the Pacific Ocean and the suburbs of Los Angeles where he grew up. The secluded location is reflected throughout the album. “The record definitely has a feel to it that seems parallel to the vibe of this mountain and the land,” Bruno notes. “It’s like a non-GMO record. There’s no fake shit on there, none of the vocals are tuned. It’s all real playing.”

Now Aaron Bruno & Red Bull Records want to hear what you can do with this powerful single. Take these stems and use them to share your passion for music for the chance to be featured across AWOLNATION’s social media as well as win $500, an AWOLNATION merchandise package, and a case of Red Bull.

“Passion” is in the key of Eb Minor 138 BPM
Once you enter the contest the stems are available in your Splice Studio here:

If you post your track on Soundcloud or Youtube make sure to tag it with #Passion, #Remix, & #Splice.


Grand Prize Winner: @joffendixon

Community Pick: @azimpradhan

Shoutout: @itsHylo

“Red Bull Records and AWOLNATION would like to thank everyone who entered into this contest. Choosing winner was much more difficult than we imagined, as there were many great submissions. We felt like these 3 resonated with us the most. Thank you again for your participation!"