KayHee feat. Dora Web Remix Contest

  • Hosted by: indaba
  • Starting Date: Mar 02 2018
  • Submission Date: Mar 30 2018
  • Winner Date: Apr 27 2018
  • Key: G# Minor
  • Bpm: 85
  • Genre: Ballad


Keyhan Kamelian, aka “KayHee”, is a Boston based producer & sound designer specializing in Electro Urban/Minimal music. He began his musical journey by studying classical piano at age 11 and later discovering music production and sequencing in high school. Keyhan was exposed to jazz harmony, sophisticated rhythmic concepts and various sound design & synthesis techniques later in college, resulting in the harmonically refreshing and rhythmically expressive nature of his work.

Keyhan continues to collaborate with top artists around the country to create more colorful and intricate music that speaks to large audiences regardless of region, giving a new definition to the Pop music of today. Last month KayHee astounded the Indaba community with his track "Web" featuring Dora, becoming the latest Indaba Featured Artist.

Now KayHee wants to hear your take on his song “Web”. Share your best remix for a chance to win a spot across KayHee's social media, a year subscription to Splice Sounds, and pro status on indaba music!

PLEASE NOTE: This song has fully been produced in the 432 HZ tuning instead of the A= 440 HZ. It was an artistic decision made by the artist and singer. If your synths sound out of tune, bring them down 8 HZ.

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