Get inspired by the stems to “Naked” and share what you create to win a video call with Ash x StarRo.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Sep 05 2018
  • Submission Date: Sep 20 2018
  • Winner Date: Oct 03 2018


Ash’s latest single “Naked”, produced by starRo, is inspired by her philosophical outlook on life. The funky R&B baseline mixed with playful percussion intertwines with the story that Ash tells. It’s about coming to terms with yourself while existing within and out of the boundaries of the people who surround you. Ash sings about “dancing with the dark and the light”, the dark being alone, finding yourself, and dealing with your shadows. In the light, taking that discovered self to dance by yourself and with the rest of the people in your life. In the song, you can hear the dark and light forces working against each other and eventually come together within the patterns of deep beats versus light piano movements. Ash puts a lot of herself and her own journey of self-discovery into “Naked” to make this philosophical notion manifest into real life.

Now the duo want to hear what you can do with the chorus from “Naked”. Bring your ideas to life with these stems and come back to share what you create to score a Skype session with Ash x StarRo to talk music and music production.

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“Naked” is 95 bpm and in the key of E minor.
If you post your track on Soundcloud or Youtube make sure to tag it with #AshxStarRo #remix & #Splice.
Once you enter the contest the stems are available in your Splice Studio here:

WINNER: @JosephMcCann21 has a dark, sexy take on “Naked” added an element of tension and mystery that we loved.

SHOUTOUTS from Ash & StaRo:

@mcdude1003's track has good vibing positivy

@mrillo's wavy take on “Naked” was bright, shimmery, and brought out the summer vibes.

@Bfest223 – Combining horns with raw, organic sounds and piercing synths this was one of the most unique take on the track we heard




"Thank you all so much for making music with us!" - Ash & StaRo