Create a summer hit inspired by Switched on Pop to win a year of Splice Sounds & have your track featured on the top music podcast on pop music.

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Aug 08 2018
  • Submission Date: Aug 23 2018
  • Winner Date: Aug 23 2018


This summer Switched On Pop & Splice have been diving into the DNA of summer hits, and now we want you to show us what you’ve learned. Get inspired by these chord progressions created by Switched On Pop and share your best song of summer with us and the world. Hosts Nate & Charlie will be listening and will choose their favorite submission to win a year of Splice Sounds and have their track played on the podcast.

Get the MIDI for these chords if you use Logic or FL Studio on Switched On Pop’s Profile

Put the summer shine on your track with Switched On Pop’s repack of samples to make a summer hit:
Not a Splice Sounds members? Get these samples and many more with a free month when you sign up using the promo code ONPOP.

Switched On Pop is the podcast about the making and meaning of popular music, breaking down pop songs to figure out what makes a hit. Learn more about Switched On Pop and their partnership with Splice here:

If you post your track on Soundcloud or Youtube make sure to tag it with #SwitchedOnPop #firestarter & #Splice.
Once you enter the contest the MIDI will be available in your Splice Studio here:
If you use a DAW other than Ableton, Logic, or FL Studio e-mail and we’ll send you the MIDI for the project.

WINNER: @TeamJalexForever
Listen to the latest episode of Switched On Pop to hear Nate & Charlie breakdown why they chose "I'm Your Guy Tonight".

Switched On Pop also want to shoutout to the following tracks that they loved:

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