Check out the winners from our Trap Firestarter and head over to the Sonny Digital Beat Challenge for more chances to win:

  • Hosted by: splice
  • Starting Date: Mar 26 2018
  • Submission Date: Apr 04 2018
  • Winner Date: Apr 05 2018



@BeatFd - Franco.D laid down a full beat that we expect to hear next time we’re in the club. The hi-hats and upper frequency synths are layered expertly with the 808’s and punchy kick drums, and Franco.D knows exactly when to pull out different elements to let the track breath. Call up your favorite rapper and tell them to get Franco.D to add them as a collaborator on this track.

@xxbotxx - This track pulled in all the vibes of The ATL sound we love so much, the deep 808s with moving hi-hats and and a minor melodic pattern hovering overhead.

@arsenialnobeats - This track turns some great hi-hat work into a vibe that is both exciting and puts a smile on our face with an excellent vocal sample use.

Over the past decade, trap music has grown to become one of the most influential and culturally relevant movements in music today. Taking cues from southern rap and characterized by its booming 808s and rolling hi-hats, trap originally gained momentum in Atlanta and has gone on to shape the sound of modern hip-hop, electronic and pop music.

As part of The Sound: ATL Trap week on Splice, this Firestarter is here to help you get inspired by the sounds of Atlanta. We’ve created a Live set for you containing the staples of trap music from crisp high-hat rolls to the deep of 808. Check out the sounds in it or grab the MIDI patterns to get started and share what you make with the Splice community. Winners will get a shoutout in our newsletter and blog. Learn what makes trap sound the way it does in our blog post on Atlanta trap:

Splice has teamed up with Sonny Digital to host a beat-making contest using samples from his artist pack. Grab Sonny's samples now and use this Firestarter to get a leg up on the competition.

PRIZES: Our favorite tracks inspired by the sound of Atlanta will get shoutouts here, in our newsletter, and our blog.